Part 6 – Welcome!

First stop upon arrival was Mary Brown’s, famous for her fried chicken – better than KFC.

Drinks were poured in abundance since this was the first time that Becca, age 20, was “legal” (drinking age is 18 in Canada, unlike here where it’s 21). I’m SURE she had never tasted alcohol before!!!

Then it was back to Elaine and Shawn’s house for a gift exchange, Elaine gave us hand-made slippers and mittens, as well as Screech and packets of “Moose Poop” (chocolate candy). The most treasured gift was a collage of images of Jeff’s mother which his brother and sister created for him.

We shared a lovely “Thanksgiving” style meal which Shawn prepared complete with drinks iced with chunks of ice from an iceberg!

Later, we were given the opportunity to try bear sausage and seal flippers!

You haven’t really visited Newfoundland unless you try the poutine – basically lovely crispy french fries are covered with your choice of burger, pulled pork, chili, cheese (or all of these) and then smothered in gravy! Everyone there is over-the-top about poutine. I prefer crispy fries not touching anything and without ketchup!

No trip is complete without a trip to Tim Horton’s – it’s the Canadian equivalent of McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts all rolled into one! Additional surprises included Cherry Blossoms, Poutine flavored Ruffles and a never before seen phone booth!

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