Part 11 – Citizenship

In 1965, when Jeff lived in Rome, NY, his folks learned that he was in the states with questionable US citizenship. Five other couples had adopted Newfoundlanders while at Ernest Harmon AFB in the 1950s. After contacting a JAG Officer it was determined Jeff was not a legal US citizens due to incorrect forms being completed upon adoption.

After much correspondence with JAG, Newfoundland Adoption Service, the State Department, and Naturalization & Immigration Services, his family learned he would have to travel to the nearest Canadian Government Office in Montreal, Quebec, obtain a Canadian passport to enter the US with and apply for a Green Card. My husband was an “illegal immigrant”. Now only 12 years old he had to be fingerprinted, wait three years to apply for US citizenship and finally on June 7, 1968, he took the Oath of Allegiance and became a US citizen in a private ceremony before a NY State Supreme Court Judge.

The irony in all this is that when meeting with the Newfoundland Adoption Services in 2015, they explained to him that as far as the Canadian government was concerned he will always be a Canadian citizen because he was born there. KEEP FLYING THAT CANADIAN FLAG, HONEY!

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