Part 14 – Norwegian Family

Jeff had been like a kid in a candy shop since finding his father’s side of the family! He said, “I now feel complete”! His sisters and cousins half-way around the world have been so gracious and we look forward to meeting them in person in just three weeks. This photo is of his dad and Jeff’s two younger sisters, Sølvi & Karin (taken in 1971).

Jeff’s paternal grandmother, Karen Fredrikke Frantzdtr and grandfather, Olaf Martin Sjøstrand.

One of the things Jeff initially said he loved about me was that I came from a big family! Jeff boasts on Facebook “I just did the Family math. If I’m correct, I went from being an adopted only child with 6 sets of Aunts & Uncles and 12 first cousins (US family). To actually being the oldest of 5 siblings with 15 sets of Aunts & Uncles and 40 first cousins (not counting their family members). (Canadian& Norwegian) Wow! And that’s just addition and not calculus.”

We have already seen some familial similarities. On the left below is Jeanett Sjøstrand Hansen with her favorite pooch, and our daughter, Christiana, with Bitey. (The cousinswere both about the same age when these photos were taken and both love poms!)

Jeff’s cousin, Ellen Sjøstrand Wingerei, is visiting the northern part of Norway hoping to see the midnight sun. She sent these great photos, left image was taken at 11:00 pm tonight North of Bodø and south of Narvik near Tranøy fyr (lighthouse) on Hamarøy. Thanks for sharing, Ellen! On my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights – maybe from up that way!

Jeff and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary on Father’s Day, June 16, 2019 by purchasing a Norway spruce and planting it in our front yard. Usually, he is flying the Canadian and US flags, but today Nathan gave him a Norwegian flag to add. I have a feeling that soon we’ll be flying all three! We will look like a mini United Nations!

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