Part 15 – Meeting the sisters!

Finally, Jeff and I had a chance to meet his half-sisters, Sølvi & Karin, in Bergen on July 20, 2019! After an overnight flight through Atlanta and Amsterdam, we finally saw Jeff’s father’s homeland and were amazed by the volume of islands and sea. We were met at the airport by Karin and Sølvi’s son, Stian. Lots of hugs (we discovered that some native Norwegians are not as apt to hug people they’ve just met as we “touchy-feely” Americans), however, they were good sports and grinned and put up with it when we pulled them from a handshake into a hug. We were so excited, smiles all around!

Rested and raring to go, we met more extended family, first cousins Grethe and Ingunn, with whom we share a personal faith in Jesus Christ. We visited the tall ships with them and then attended their Pentecostal church on Sunday, where we met more cousins. The worship was similar to ours here at home at East 91st St. Christian church, we even sang some of the same songs, (us in English, them in Norwegian)!

Our first full day there found us sharing a dinner of barbecued ribs with the family. On Sunday after worship, Grethe treated us to a Chinese meal and on the third day we all went out for Norway’s new staple – pizza! Asked what we thought of Norwegian food after being there three days, we had to confess we had not even tried any yet!

Sølvi returned from a previously scheduled trip to Portugal and above is the first picture (of many) of the three siblings together for their first time!

Rebecca, Jeanett, Victoria, Jeff, Karin, Oddbjørn, Stian, Sølvi, Bjarne
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