Part 19 – The Accordion!

When we first met Sølvi and Karin, we asked about their dad, what he was like, what he enjoyed doing. We were told by nearly everyone we met in Norway that he loved to make people laugh and to play the accordion! So….when it was time for us to leave Norway, Jeff’s sister’s offered us one of the two accordions that their father owned. Jeff has never even held an accordion and we were surprised to find it weighed 35 lbs. Shipping it home was a $95.00 investment, but worth every penny. I mean who else even owns an accordion?

If you look closely, you can see “VICTORIA” across the front of Frantz’s accordion. No one was sure why since that is not the brand (brand is in upper right hand corner). Is there something you are trying to tell us, Frantz?

Our son, Nick, decided to take it for a spin once we brought it home. Unfortunately, (or fortunately), I did not opt for the “premium” version of the WordPress blog, so no video uploads are allowed! IF anyone here actually learns to play it, I will upgrade to that version to share it! Thanks for reading this blog!

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