Part 2 – First trip to Newfoundland – 1982

In 1982, when our first born, Christiana, was two months old, and nursing, we decided to take our 1966 VW Beetle and drive from the Fingerlakes area of NY, where Jeff was pastoring through Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and ferry to Corner Brook, Newfoundland in hopes of finding out more about his mother.

Leaving Moravia, NY, our 1,370 mile (one way) trip took us through MA, NH, ME, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. We then took a six hour ferry to reach the island. The trip took three days. WE MUST HAVE BEEN INSANE!

Even in 1982, Jeff felt Canada was his home and true north and he has always flown a Canadian flag!

Prior to the internet and search engines, adventurers grabbed a map, or if you were lucky enough to belong to AAA, a “Triptik”, gassed up for $1.22/gal and headed out. We stopped in Bristol, NH to visit Jeff’s parents, who had retired to Clint’s childhood hometown. Then in York, ME to visit his aunt and uncle, Keot and Ray Fernald.

Ray Fernald, Eleanor Dodge, Clint Dodge, Me with Christy, Keot Fernald and her daughter, Jody

The drive through Maine, while scenic, was so so long. We stopped at the Bay of Fundy to watch the tides roll in and out. Twice each day, 160 billion tons of seawater flow in and out of the Bay of Fundy — more than the combined flow of the world’s freshwater rivers! The Bay of Fundy’s tides transform the shorelines, tidal flats and exposed sea bottom as they flood into the bay and its harbors and estuaries.

A six-hour ferry from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basque, Newfoundland made me extremely nauseated, however, Christy managed to sleep through the entire trip! Thank God for that, and that no one called CPS! (See baby lying on the deck below!)

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