Part 10 – Newfoundese

Many people don’t even know where Newfoundland is, thinking it’s “New Finland” somewhere in Scandinavia! Actually, the island is actually the eastern most point of Canada, just east of Labrador and northeast of Maine in the Atlantic Ocean across Cabot Strait. While it is 1.2 times the size of Maine, with a population of just over 525,000, it is less populated than Indianapolis (838,000).

George, Elaine, and their families are the warmest, most loving of families, like most Newfoundlanders. Their generosity of spirit and willingness to share anything they have is now immortalized in the Broadway play, “Come From Away” about how the folks of Gander (population 10,000) fed, clothed and housed 38 planes full of people (6,579 passengers) who were re-routed to Gander, Newfoundland September 11, 2001 during US airspace closure. Jeff and I were blessed to see the play last November in NYC and highly recommend it if it comes to your town.

Just learned the musical is coming to Clowes Hall in Indianapolis Jan 21-26, 2020

Highly recommend the show, but also listening to the lyrics prior to seeing it since “Come from awayers” often have trouble deciphering what Newfies are saying. Here are some examples: When a Newfie says, “Who knit ya?” it means “Who is your mother or father?” “Stay where you’re to ’till I comes where you’re at” means “Wait there until I get there.” “Whadda y’at?” translates to “What are you doing?” A “mauzy day” is “cloudy”. If you are hungry and want some food, say, “I’m gutfounded. Fire up a scoff.” D’ya understand?

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